Download HiSuite v10.1: Manage, Update, Backup & Restore Huawei Honor Devices

Huawei’s HiSuite is an All-in-One tool, or what it means to do it all. HiSuite tool comes officially from Huawei and is available for download and installation for Windows as well as macOS. You can use the it to make a complete backup of a Huawei or Honor device, restore these backups, update system, make backup copies of the current phone’s ROM, in addition to arranging the contents of the internal memory. You can download the latest version of HiSuite for Windows and Macintosh from the links below.

Huawei HiSuite Tool for Huawei Honor Devices

Download HiSuite (Windows and Mac)

Tool HiSuite
issue number
Last updated October 1, 2020
Program size 35MB
Programmer Huawei

[appbox microsoftstore 9mw6tk7ltp3w]

[appbox appstore 1232508288]

Download HiSuite v10.1.0.550 (EXE file)


Download from official website


Huawei HiSuite

Huawei is considered one of the largest multi-domain telecom companies on the planet, but of course this is not what users know about the company at the present time. 7 or 8 years ago Huawei was not that popular today in the smartphone industry. To be honest, it is surprising how quickly the company’s sales have grown in terms of the smartphone market. The company has become a direct and fierce competitor to sales of a huge brands like Apple or even Samsung. And in the event that you are an iPhone user, then most likely your desktop includes iTunes. Likewise, if you own a Huawei smartphone, you will also need HiSuite software installed on your PC.

Huawei HiSuite General features

  • Arrange – Organize

Our smart devices in general can be considered as small computers. They might look stylish, have modern designs, and become popular, but they’re still complex devices nonetheless. Like computers, smartphones contain a large selection of folders and subfolders. The photos as well as the videos that you download are stored in different places depending on the application you use for the download. Rearranging all these folders and files on a small screen can be a very hassle. On the other hand, trying to arrange these folders on the computer screen using the mouse and keyboard is definitely easier. This is where HiSuite comes into play.

  • Multimedia

While arranging your files, or even charging the phone via computer, the Huawei HiSuite tool will enable you to play videos and music files directly from your phone.

  • Sync

You can also sync contacts, events and dates, photos, call log, text messages, etc. from phone to computer, making the process of preserving your important data easy and smooth.

  • Backup

Huawei PC Suite tool can also help you to backup all contents of the phone storage, including applications and their data.

  • Transfer 

With Huawei PC Suite , you can easily transfer all your files to and from your phone and computer, even if you want to transfer that content to another phone directly.

  • System Updates

HiSuite allows you to perform various tasks on your Huawei phone, such as restoring the operating system to factory condition, as well as installing official system updates.

HiSuite features

  • Quickly view, install or uninstall mobile apps.
  • You can easily play, add, delete or edit music files or even playlists from SD memory.
  • Send, receive, and manage phone text messages using a computer.
  • Importing contacts from iPhone, Nokia devices, as well as Gmail to Huawei devices.
  • Download and install official system updates for your phone easily. It can also update the phone automatically as soon as it is connected, after you confirm that.
  • Make a backup copy of the contacts, messages, and even phone settings on the computer so that you can restore them again.
  • View all contents of the phone in real time on the computer.
  • You can also connect the phone to HiSiute through Wi-Fi, not just the cable, and enjoy all the features mentioned above.

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